Define Success


Define success before trying to pursue it.

This is advice that has been around the block a few times.

What is success?

It’s not measurable or static. It changes from person to person. It can be graduated from. Sometimes success leads to more success. Sometimes success leads to failure.

In order to feel any kind of success, or meaning, or perceive achievement, there must be a measurable or definable goal, outcome, or destination. Success doesn’t look like anything when it’s just an atmospheric state of being.

“I want to be successful!” What does that mean? Do you want to “feel” successful? Do you want to appear successful to other people? Is it lots of money, lots of clothes, a big house? Or is it financial stability, and the ability to meet all your needs comfortably? Is it head of the company, or working for yourself?

On the small scale, is success completing a project, or perfecting a project? Is it getting the promotion, or getting a better job? Is it having a best seller, or just writing the stupid book? Success must be defined, maybe even separated into individual successes, before it can be pursued. Otherwise it’s just a constant uphill battle toward something you can’t really define anyway.

Maybe a more reasonable demand is setting attainable and perceivable levels, goals, or outcomes. Then, progress can be measured and assessed. You have the freedom to claim success or failure because you pre-defined it. You know what to improve on if you have failure, and you can see what you completed if you succeed.

Because even failures are opportunities for growth.


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