The “No-Asshole” Rule

Yep, I said asshole. It’s a dirty word. It’s also a very descriptive word. No other word has quite the connotation that this one does.

Did you know that there are actually companies that have a no asshole rule about the workplace? If you are one, then you can’t work there. It’s a great way of maintaining health and morale in the workplace. I know just about everywhere I’ve worked would have benefited from a rule like, though some places do a better job than others.

Did you know that sometimes you’re an asshole? Maybe not all the time. Maybe not a lot of the time. But once in a while, you are in the right mood, with the right set of circumstances, and it just… happens. Turns out, being an asshole can be pretty negative for everyone else around you. No one likes you. YOU don’t even like it, though it makes you feel good in the moment. In fact, being cynical and acting like a jerk is often evidence of a deeper seated problem. One simple way to avoid being an asshole– assume positive intent.

Actually, I learned that from my most recent job. Guess someone there isn’t an asshole.


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