Reboot Your Life

Seven lessons from Maria Ross about rebooting, reorienting, and forming some great habits.

1: Focus
2: Be Authentic
3: Count On Your Tribe
4: Practice Patience
5: Learn to Say No
6: Face the Fear
7: Find the Humor

Saying no, facing fear, and finding humor in things are strong points for me. I don’t struggle much with those, and I’m even naturally prone toward them to some degree.

Focusing and counting on my tribe are hard for me. I love to multitask (or try to). I love to have several things going on at once, to focus on lots of different things quickly, and to be distracted. I also have learned over the years to build a community of genuine, great people around me. This should not be confused with lots of friends; community is not the same as friendship or teammates. A community is a group of people who commit to each other, regardless of whether they like each other all the time. This is a hard concept for anyone to believe in, but it is truly a blessing when you can do it.

What about you? Which of these is a real tough one? Which come naturally?

source: dumblittleman


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