Sometimes It’s A Wash

Sometimes you work real hard. You put in lots of effort. You research, experiment, trade. You try to come out ahead, to profit, to gain something.

But… it’s a wash. You know what? That’s okay. Maybe it’s better to come out on even ground, if you’re not coming out behind. Not succeeding is still better than failing. Making a real effort and ending up in the same spot is still better than falling behind. And even falling behind can be okay if it gives you a chance to try something again.

When you try to come up with an answer, to complete a task, to put yourself ahead, or make the right choice, and you end up with a wash… just pick the thing you prefer. If you can’t find better, then find preferable. If stressing over the answer isn’t productive, then just pick one. Flip a coin. Don’t stress. Be happy when you can just call something a wash, and move forward.

I think some people see a wash, or no gains as failure, but it’s not. When you actually fail you know the difference.

“It is very easy to say that the important thing is to try your best, but if you are in real trouble the most important thing is not trying your best, but getting to safety.” – Lemony Snicket


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