The World English Dictionary defines manifesto as, “a public declaration of intent, policy, aims, etc, as issued by a political party, government, or movement.”

It’s a way for an individual, an organization, a group, or a government to tell everyone else what they believe, and what they are going to do about it. It’s a little more powerful than just “I think” or “I feel strongly.”

It’s got teeth, and it’s visible to others. Pretty much every great artist, author, creative, or well-known contributor had a creed, manifesto, or commandment that they lived by.

Manifesto comes from the Italian, meaning “to manifest.” A manifesto is (or should be) something you believe in so fundamentally, that it manifests itself outwardly.

We all live by our own manifestos, creeds, precepts, commandments, or canons. Each of these are influenced by our experiences. This is a place to explore these manifestos, beliefs, and values. This blog is part communication design, part extrospection of the manifestos of others, and part personal development. Please feel free to contribute, comment, and share.


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